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Entrust Datacard™ has provided government identification solutions for over 400 programs in more than 100 countries.

Entrust Datacard collaborates with government agencies and integrators worldwide to solve complex identity card issues. Our secure identity solutions—which include best-in-class personalization, identity management software, secure supplies and support—deliver exceptional security and fraud prevention for government ID card programs that involve national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, secure IDs, healthcare IDs, e-government applications and electronic polling management. Our expertise ensures optimal efficiency and greatly reduces implementation risk. We have deployed solutions in over 400 programs in over 100 countries.



Citizen ID

Stronger security & real savings
begin with trusted identity


Credential Lifecycle Management

Secure, cost-effective management
of citizen credentials


Border Control

Powerful new ideas to protect
your borders & your citizens



Streamlined access for citizens,
lower costs for governments

An Essential Transformation

Trusted Identity & Security at Borders

Technical Support

Support Your System

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For immediate assistance Entrust Datacard has Customer Care Centers that are available to serve customers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.