IntelliTrust Authentication as a Service

The Cloud Platform that Redefines Authentication

Our Authentication as a Service solution provides secure access to cloud, legacy and on-premise apps while safeguarding enterprise assets. Quickly and easily meet your immediate use cases - and be ready for whatever digital business brings.

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Enabling intelligent identity capabilities across a unified platform experience.

Your users range from C-Level with full access authority to contractors and partners with limited privileges. We make it easy to meet your full range of requirements. Every step from on-boarding to renewal & revocation — is efficiently managed from a central point of control.

The Authentication Cloud Service Benefit Calculator takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and provides you with a quick and easy way to show the benefits of using a cloud-based authentication solution.

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Integrate with ease – deploy authentication capabilities wherever your organization grows. Here you’ll find IntelliTrust’s key integrations from SAML Cloud to Radius and VPN to Desktop and On-Premise.

Entrust Datacard IntelliTrust Authentication Service

Enterprise-Grade Authentication With the Ease of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Measurable Benefits

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Authenticators Built for the Enterprise

Choose your ideal balance of security and cost. We offer a range of authentication solutions, so you can easily support any mobile device — and meet the specific needs of every user type.

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Infrastructure Integrations

Gain full control over user accounts by leveraging existing directories – such as AD or LDAP – to build a central repository for user identities. We offer unmatched integration depth and breadth to secure all your networks and apps.

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Single Sign-On/Federation

Escape the vulnerability and hassle of passwords. Provide each user with a single set of credentials for access to legacy apps, cloud apps and mobile devices.

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Adaptive Authentication

Increase security and reduce end-user friction with adaptive authentication.  Powerful risk analysis features and a flexible policy engine provide effective step-up authentication when needed.

Secure SSO To Office 365 & Other Cloud Applications

Intelligent authentication that streamlines user access.

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For immediate assistance Entrust Datacard has Customer Care Centers that are available to serve customers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.

We guarantee 99.95% availability. The design of our
multi-tenant architecture delivers best-in-class uptime,
redundancy and backup. High-availability services are
split across multiple geographic locations.
Entrust Datacard is committed to maintaining the highest
degree of security and privacy through organizational
commitment, third-party audits and external
Data security is the core of a highly trusted identity
service. Our multi-tenant management system leverages
symmetric and asymmetric encryption to safeguard your
data in transit and at rest. We also leverage existing user
identities in-place, so identities can be stored without
altering environments or security postures.
Entrust Datacard cloud operations adhere to the policies,
processes and rules defined by ISO-27002:2005, SSAE16 SOC 2,
HIPAA and PCI-DSS v2.0, as well as regional data protection
laws. Our security configurations ensure that the certificates
and corresponding keys that allow for decryption are stored in
an independent and highly secure management system.
Access to the management system is granted only within
the strict certification rules of SOC2.