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Travel volumes are skyrocketing. So is the sophistication of security threats. Protect your borders and your citizens by issuing highly secure credentials — and giving border agents and field officers the technology they need to make better decisions.

Entrust Datacard™ offers complete solutions for issuing and managing highly secure passports, e-passports and other travel documents. Advanced security features protect documents from alteration, forgery and other forms of fraud. In addition to document issuance, we also offer complete border control solutions that integrate seamlessly with other elements of the broader ecosystem, including identity assets managed by ICAO, INTERPOL, national law enforcement and other countries. Our solutions allow border agents and field officers to quickly identify and process authorized travelers — and automatically detect potential threats who might be using stolen, forged or altered travel documents.





Our solutions include everything you need to confirm applicant identities, scan breeder documents and capture photos, fingerprints and signatures. This allows you to create unique and trusted identity files for each application — and check it against international databases to prevent duplicates.

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Operators login to highly secure operating systems and produce credentials using high-volume or desktop systems. Our systems are used to produce tens of thousands of passports, e-passports, national IDs and driver’s licenses every day. Intelligent security features provide strong lines of defense against even the most sophisticated fraud and forgery attempts.

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Use at Borders

Our solutions allow border agents and field officers to quickly determine authenticity of credentials and determine the true identity of travelers. Connectivity with ICAO, INTERPOL and national law enforcement databases speed and improve decision-making.

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Measurable Benefits

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Identify Potential Threats at Your Borders

Our solutions quickly determine the true identity of people attempting to cross your borders. Our automated tools give border agents and field officers new advantages over the potential threats they need to identify every day.

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Detect Stolen, Forged or Altered Credentials

There are more than 40M lost, stolen or forged travel documents in circulation worldwide. Our issuance solutions can protect the passports and other credentials you issue — and detect fraudulent documents at your borders.

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Keep Authorized Travelers Moving Quickly

In addition to identifying threats quickly, Entrust Datacard™ solutions also let your agents and officers identify authorized travelers faster than ever. This keeps lines moving faster at customs and increases traveler satisfaction.

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Protect Your Citizens and Tourism Trade

In addition to efficiency gains at airports and other points of entry, Entrust Datacard border control solutions help protect citizens and visitors against terrorism and other threats looking to enter your country.