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Credential Lifecycle Management


Once government agencies issue secure citizen credentials — e-passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other forms of identification — lifecycle management becomes a critical challenge. When it’s time for re-issuance, updating, enhancement or revocation, it’s essential to know the current status and historical use of the credential. In the case of a mobile-derived credential, it’s also important to know which operating system and what kind of digital certificates are being used.

Entrust Datacard™ offers the lifecycle management solutions government agencies need to securely and cost-effectively manage a full range of citizen credentials. Our software removes many of the manual processes currently required to re-issue and update credentials. It also offers key capabilities — such as data encryption, key management and certificate management — that make the process highly secure.




Identity Software

Our complete identity and credential management software streamlines every step of the process — including enrollment, identity verification, application approval, document issuance and post-issuance management. Proven workflows and a standards-based design replace the typical delays and cost overruns of custom software development with the certainty of a preconfigured solution.

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PKI solution

We offer the software solutions you need to manage citizen e-IDs after they are issued. Our software lets you manage privileges, re-issue lost or expired credentials and deactivate lost, stolen or revoked credentials.

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Measurable Benefits

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Lower Operating Costs

Managing travel documents, national IDs, licenses and other documents today involves manual processes — and requires the citizen and the credential to be physically present. Our solution automates manual processes and allows you to re-issue, update, track or revoke credentials anywhere, anytime.

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Citizen Satisfaction Levels

Citizens dread credential re-issuance or updating. The thought of waiting in line — most often during the middle of a workday — makes the process unappealing. Anxiety is increased when emergency replacement is required. Our solution automates these processes and greatly improves citizen convenience.

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Increased Credential Security

Our lifecycle management solution features advanced public key cryptography and certificate management technologies to ensure security throughout the credential management process. Our technologies reduce the risk associated with forged, altered, stolen or otherwise compromised data.

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Accurate Identification & Strong Security

It’s often difficult for border agents and other officers to determine the authenticity and validity of a credential in the field. Our lifecycle management solution leverages PKI and digital certificate technology that allow for secure authentication.