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Governments are working hard to accomplish three key objectives in programs ranging from entitlement and healthcare to licensing, voting and taxation. They’re trying to minimize delivery costs, elevate citizen satisfaction levels and fight fraud.

Entrust Datacard™ offers a portfolio of solutions that help streamline the delivery and management of a wide range of e-gov programs. Government agencies use our solutions to identify citizens, provide secure online and mobile access, authenticate identities and validate transactions. This means citizens can access government programs from home or on the go — at any time of day. Government agencies are able to reduce operating costs by automating manual processes and mitigating duplication and fraud.




Enrollment & Issuance

Our solutions include everything you need to enroll citizens, establish trusted identities and issue secure card-based or mobile-derived credentials. You can create multipurpose e-IDs that can be used to access a variety of e-gov services.

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Secura™ identity software

ID card printers

Central card issuance systems


Credential Management

We offer the software solutions you need to manage citizen e-IDs after they are issued. Our software lets you manage privileges, re-issue lost or expired credentials and deactivate lost, stolen or revoked credentials.

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Secura™ identity software


Mobile device certificates



Our authentication solutions allow you to validate citizen identities when they access services online or with mobile devices. They also allow you to verify electronic transactions, encrypt digital communications and authenticate digital signatures.

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Identity authentication

Transaction authentication

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

SSL Certificates

Technical Support

Support Your System

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Need More Help?

For immediate assistance Entrust Datacard has Customer Care Centers that are available to serve customers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.


Measurable Benefits

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Anywhere-Anytime Access for Citizens

Our solutions make government services align with the experiences citizens have with banks, retailers and other consumer marketers. They can retrieve information, access services and conduct electronic transactions from anywhere — at any time of day.

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Lower Operational Costs

We help government agencies tap into the power of self-service technology. Citizens can use portals and apps to access services and conduct transactions. This results in fewer manual processes, greater efficiency, less fraud and increased citizen satisfaction.

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Strong Line of Defense Against Fraud

Reduced fraud and abuse begins with a trusted identity. Our solutions allow government agencies to build trusted identities for their citizens, which can be securely validated in person, online or via mobile device. Our solutions mitigate forgery and alteration of identity documents — and provide exceptional security for digital transactions.

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Interoperability Across Multiple Ecosystems

Our understanding of technical standards and compliance issues allows us to build highly interoperable ecosystems. This allows for cooperation and collaboration across agencies and borders.